We know that the right branding and a great message can attract attention – driving new business to your door.

About Gas Media

Gas Media is Brisbane’s newest digital billboard company. Our business derives from more than 30 years of helping our clients promote their business through advertising and professional branding of collateral in ever-changing and competitive markets. Now, we are launching Brisbane’s top digital billboard service, offering instantaneous advertising and reach to tens of thousands at unprecedentedly low costs that just wasn’t possible until now.

Our digital billboard is seen by thousands of commuters every day

Advertising and Marketing

We are design and branding leaders, specialising in advanced and cost-effective scalable techniques. With our LED digital billboard advertising as our flagship service, we are poised to become your number one provider of branding, marketing and advertising.

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Design Excellence

Not only can we display your advertisements on one of the busiest roads, giving you exposure to tens of thousands of commuters every day, but we can also ensure your advertisement is professional and ultimately efficient in driving your sales up!

We can work with you to create everything from your advertisements, to your branding materials including your brand new impactful logo!

From our billboard to your complete signage solutions

Brand Strategy

Our branding services are scalable, smart and can work in tandem with what you already have to build upon your existing materials, or create a new outlook of your branding from the ground up.

We can help you pinpoint and eliminate any weaknesses in your current approach, as well as craft powerful new strategies for expansion, growth and sure-fire profits.

Supercharge your brand and generate new business

Small Campaign Planning

Whether you are a start-up seeking to launch a small and directly measurable campaign, or you want to supplement your existing marketing efforts with a powerful and directed compact campaign, we are your go-to partner.

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Your complete signage partner

Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing printed or signage materials and branding collateral for local and corporate companies of all sizes has provided us the insights and knowledge to understand what it takes to stand out from your business competitors. As experts in design, branding and marketing, but also the “new kid on the block” in digital billboards, we are determined to help our existing clients and your business to attract new opportunities with targeted advertising messages, empowering you to supercharge your branding efforts and ultimately increase your bottom line.

We know that advertising can be expensive, and that is why we are committed to put each single marketing dollar into good use. Our aim is to provide affordable advertising space for all industries, with particular attention of support to non-profit organisations that are often unable to afford this type of media opportunity.